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Simple Guide on Forum

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Simple Guide on Forum Empty Simple Guide on Forum

Post by Admin on Tue Jun 21, 2016 11:29 pm

First of all read our Forum Rules

Q.) What is M-Points?

A.) M-Points is like money here on the forum. You can buy VIP subscription with m-points. Refer here for more info regarding m-points.

Q.) How to earn more M-Points?

A.) It's simple, just make a new useful thread or by commenting on existing thread. (Spamming is not tolerated)

Q.) How to have color on my name?

A.) It's only for VIP and Staff/Mods.

Q.) How to earn M-Points fast other than posting and commenting?

A.) Well, there's no other method of earning m-points as fast as lightning. But we do have Contest and Zyber Lotto which you can earn huge amount of m-points if you manage to win.

Q.) Is it possible to gift/send a m-points to a member or mods?

A.) Yes, you can send m-points to any member or mods by going here

Q.) How to have m-points in bank?

A.) Go here

Q.) How to post screenshot?

A.) Go here

Q.) How to put a profile picture?

A.) Go here

If you have any other question just ask..

That's all i think. :ty:

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