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Post by Admin on Thu Jun 09, 2016 9:25 pm

We know there are tons of errors and this is a guide for you, check out all instructions below!
All instructions are written clearly, please create a thread on the forums if new errors are not found on this guide
1A) Forums
Error #1 : Error 2000 (Banned)
Solution : Contact an Administrator on the forums by sending in a private message and your issue will be resolved in 12 hours time
Error #2 : No permission on shoutbox
Solution : Your shoutbox ban will lifted automatically depending on the days you are banned for (24/48HRS/PERM)
2B) Basher
Error #1 : HWID / Account Banned Status (Your Computer Is Banned)
Answer : HWID & account bans are due to illegal third party programs eg. Remode being changing the VPN string and Credited being detected by our anti Remode system, BullShield (BSAC)
Error #2 : Download Error Ref A 12002
Solution : Please turn off your firewall or add an exception for BullSF Launcher.apk on your firewall/Anti virus
Error #3 : Communication Error Ref.A/B
Answer : This issue is caused by CloudFlare and it happens when our protection system detect you as a threat, Smart ISP users are affected in this situation
Solution : You may point your dns towards google by checking out this GUIDE or use a free VPN program to access the game
Error #4 : Launcher magically disappear
Solution : Please disable your anti virus program if your vpn launcher "disappear" after running it, you may also check out the GUIDE here
3C) VPN Client/Server
Error #1 : DirectX Issue
To solve your issue as easy as ABC, simply end the process for all programs which are running with DirectX such as Garena Messenger and Xfire

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