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how to Setup apktool

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how to Setup apktool Empty how to Setup apktool

Post by prince trunks on Sun Aug 21, 2016 9:30 pm

Para sa mga newbies na bagong sali dito need ROOTED phone
Dl the ff.
Apktool 4.4.1zip 50mb+ yan
920 text editor
Ito sa. Pag set up ng.apktool
How to set up apktool
1. extract (50+ MB)
2.go to extracted --> sdcard/speedsoftware/extracted/here
3.Move apktool folder to sdcard apktool folder and install apktool.apk (dont open it yet)
5.Create 2 folders insdie apktool folder. so it will become like this sdcard/apktool folder/and 2 folder you've created here (name them whatever you want)
6.copy framework-res.apk and mediatek.apk and put it inside the folder you've just create. one of those folders. apktool.apk. that one that you;ve just installed a while ago.
8.go to apktool.apk/sd card/folder that you've paste your framework-res.apk and mediatek.apk and import them 1 by 1.
9 go back to sd card/apktool folder/ press the apktool folder and set it as apktool tool folder.
10. change its version to 1.5.2( depends on what version you're going to use to decompile an apk. (some use 2.0 and other one is 1.5.2

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